which value of x is in the solution set of the following inequality -3×+5>17

Accepted Solution

When offered possible choices for x, you can test each of them in the relation to see which meets the problem criterion ("in the solution set").

Alternatively, you can solve the inequality and then look to see which of the offered choices matches the solution. Since you have not shown the choices, we opt to solve the inequality and let you choose the value that matches the solution.

Since the variable term has a negative coefficient, we subtract that whole side of the inequality. This lets us work with a variable term that has a positive coefficient.
  0 > (17) -(-3x +5)
  0 > 3x +12
Now, we divide by the x coefficient
  0 > x +4
And then add the opposite of the constant term
  -4 > x

You are looking for the answer choice that is less than -4. (Hint: -4 is NOT it.)