Estimate the size of a crowd at a political rally that occupies a rectangular space with dimensions of 500 feet by 600 feet (to the nearest whole number). Assume that each person occupies 4.5 square feet. A) 8,333 people B) 16,667people C) 33,333 people D) 66,667 people

Accepted Solution

Answer: 66,667 peopleStep-by-step explanation:The first thing is to find the area of the rectangle , since it is a rectangular field. A = L X BA = 500 X 600A = 300,000It was said that each person occupies 4.5 square feet , then to find the crowd we have:Number of crowd = Area of the field / feet occupied by each person= 300,000/4.5= 66,666.66667= 66, 667 to the nearest whole number